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Saturday, 23 March 2013

♡ Miyu's Wishlist March 2013 ♡

I thought this post would be a good idea, this isn't even all the stuff I want, whoops. But I've put the main things I want on here anyway, hope you enjoy! 

♡ Tops/ T-shirts ♡

Shertbet Fairy Top; Taobao, Price Unknown
Heart Shirt; Taobao, Price Unknown
One Spo Cat Crop Top; Storenvy, £26.27
Kyubey ' Make a Contract' T-Shirt; Amazon, £21.43
Boy London Crop Top; Romwe, £16.78
Gradient Top; Etsy, £21.00
Cat Top; Taobao, Price Unknown

 ♡ Skirts & Onepieces ♡

Check Skirt; Bodyline, £17
One Spo Cat Dress; Romwe, £32.83
Mint Skater Skirt; Topshop, £34.00
Lilac Mini Skirt; Nastgal.com, £25.10
Teacup Kitten Skirt; Storenvy, £19.70
Liz Lisa Pink Floral Dress; Taobao, Price Unknown

♡ Sweaters ♡

 Cotton Candy Sweater in Lilac; Milklim, Price Unknown
Lilac Twinkle Bat Sweater; Hellocavities, £44.00
FU*K Sweater; Sheinside, £18.96

♡ Accessories ♡

Spike Snapback; eBay, £6.59
Black Flower Crown; Storenvy, £6.57
Skeleton Hand Clips; Taobao, Price Unknown
' YOU SUCK' Necklace; Etsy, £13.20
Pink Flower Headband: Missselfridge, £16.50
' Stay Cute' Beanie; Storenvy, £21.01
Galaxy Hair Bows; Storenvy, £10.51
Skeleton Hand Necklace; Taobao, Price Unknown
Horns; Taobao, Price Unknown
Fuzzy Star Hair Clip; £5.25

♡ Bags ♡

My Melody Chain Bag; Taobao, Price Unknown
Holographic Bag; Nastygal.com, £31.70
Wing Backpack; Lost Mannequin, £32.83/ eBay, £25.00 ( approximately )
Cat Tote; Storenvy,  Price Unknown
Clear Backpack; eBay, Price Unknown

♡ Wigs ♡

Mint Wig; eBay, £13.99
Lightning Wig; eBay, £11.81
Red Wig; eBay, £16.09
Brown Hime Wig; Gothic Lolita Wigs, £42.00
Brown Two Tone Wig; eBay, £19.04

♡ Cosplay Related items ♡

Maid Dress on left ( I would prefer it in pink); Bodyline £43.00
Gym Uniform; Cosmates, Price Unkown ( Currently Out Of Stock ; ^ ; )
Made Dress on right ( I would prefer it in blue for reasons); £23.00
Kindergarten Uniform; Cosmates, £16.00
Navy Seifukku; Bodyline, £17

♡ Makeup & Shoes ♡

Angel Shoes; Taobao, Price Unknown
Kyary Eyelashes; eBay, Price Unknown
Madoka Figure; Amazon, £36.76
White Cross Shoes; Storenvy, £36.77
All Tony Moly Makeup Products are from eBay, Prices Vary.

Thankyou for reading, 

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